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Which mortgage is suitable for me?

How much of your net income will be taken up with your mortgage payments?

Is your net income likely to increase or decrease over the next few years?

Are your outgoings likely to increase or decrease over the next few years?

How likely is it that you will be able to repay the mortgage before the end of the proposed term?

Would you like to be able to vary your monthly payments and/or take payment holidays?

How important is it to you that your payments will not go above a certain level if interest rates go up?

How important is it for you to receive a cash lump sum when your mortgage completes, even if this means your monthly payments could be a bit higher (this does not mean borrowing more if remortgaging, it is a cash back incentive that some lenders offer)

Do you have a view about the direction of interest rates for the coming few years?

Any additional comments you may have should be placed in this section.




Please remember that the results provided after you have answered this questionnaire are based on your responses. Note: When the Submit button is pressed, your answers will be sent to one of our trained and qualified advisors. The advisor will compile a report and e-mail it to you within 1 hour (if during normal working hours) or within 24 hours where possible excluding Bank Holidays and Sundays.