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Trying to save for a deposit on your first home?

28 March 2016

Trying to save for a deposit on your first home?

Paying high rents getting in the way?

Then why not consider becoming a PROPERTY GUARDIAN?

This is an alternative to traditional renting while you save for a deposit - you could even find yourself living in a Castle or Stately Home.

As a live-in-Guardian you would be expected to look after the property as if it were your own. The main role being to ensure there are no security breaches and that the property is well maintained prior to its ultimate use, immediately reporting issues as they arise.

It may be a short term option and possibly just a room in a building or it could be an entire building There are even workplaces that need Guardians.

Visit the Camelot website for more information on becoming a live-in Property Guardian and to look for properties in your area.

Here is the link to the Southampton availabilityhttp://uk.cameloteurope.com/…/hampshire-so…/southampton.html